Merama is your brand’s true partner in growth

Merama becomes stakeholders in the leading brands in Latin America with an online-presence, invests millions of dollars of working capital, and works together with the teams to grow and expand across LatAm.

Who we are

Founded by experts in the marketplace, retail, technology, operations, finance, and strategy, at Merama we aim to partner and exponentiate the growth of each brand we work with, turning it into its best version.

Our mission is to be the best and largest online group of brands in Latin America

Companies we
work with

We have joined forces with the top brands and entrepreneurs in Brazil and Mexico and will be announcing these exciting partnerships shortly.

How we work

Acquisition Process


Initial investment

  • Merama invests in your company, becoming a strategic partner (we seek to acquire a substantial stake but not 100% of the business).
  • You receive a well deserved cash-out for the portion of shares sold.
  • You keep governance and run the business as usual.


Exponential business growth

  • Merama helps fuel your business with outstanding human resources and non-dilutive capital
  • We propose growth opportunities leveraging the team’s first class e-commmerce experience.
  • We focus on high impact, high growth initiatives that can supercharge your growth.


Future exit option

  • We work to grow your business to a 1B+ USD brand
  • We offer you options to exit the business 3-5 years in the future, paying attractive prices that reflect the growth of the company during the years working together.

How we grow brands

We combine multiple value levers to achieve
hypergrowth of 10-20x in each brand

International Expansion
Leverage our Cross Border and multi-country team of experts to export brands to all of Latam and the US.
Give local ‘look and feel’ to content, descriptions and packaging.

Platform expansion
Expand to new platforms across all marketplaces.
Grow your D2C channel.
Move offline! We want your brand to excel everywhere!

Marketing & BI investment
Digital marketing optimization.
Customer segmentation, customer journeys, and LTV maximization.

New products & categories
Develop complementary products and categories taking advantage
of cost and customer synergies.

Cost Optimization
Manage your working capital leveraging your data.
Track KPIs to improve: Demand Planning, Order Fulfillment & Pricing.

Operational Synergies
Centralize key areas ( finance, legal, marketing, BI). Automate processes and standardize suppliers.

Our Investors

Monashees has invested in +140 companies from LatAm, USA, and Europe in Retail tech, eCommerce, Marketplace, Logistics, Saas, Mobility, Fintech, among others.

Relevant Investments

Valor has invested in +70 companies from Latam and USA in financial services, customer services, retail, logistics, health and wellness, education, among others.

Relevant Investments

Balderton Cap has invested in +300 companies from LatAm, USA and Europe in Retail, Marketplace, Data, Internet, Mobility and other industries.

Relevant Investments

Other investment funds and CEOs of leading companies in Latam

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