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We are founders operators investors e-commerce experts marketers engineers designers strategists bulding
the future of ecommerce
in Latin America.

We understand what it’s like when you are unsure of how to take the next step to grow your brand, and that is why we founded Merama. Our mission is to be the best and largest online group of brands in Latin America. We have joined forces with top brands and entrepreneurs in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru, and we are thrilled to take you along this journey to explore new territories and build together a next-generation digital company.

We seek to give our partners an unfair advantage. When we decide to work with a team, it is because we believe they will be the de facto category leader and can become a $1 billion business on their own

Sujay Tyle - Founder Merama

Led by an exceptional team, Merama has quickly begun building a select portfolio of leading online brands in the rapidly expanding Latin American e-commerce market. We are thrilled to partner and support their mission to remove merchant’s traditional barriers to scale, building category leaders throughout the region.

Paulo Passoni

Managing Partner at SoftBank

Merama gets it – the strongest team will lead the market. Unlike other aggregators executing a roll-up strategy, Merama cherry-picks few sellers to partner with. These are usually the category-leaders and top brand merchants across Latin America. It then offers a toolkit that includes e-commerce expertise, operational capabilities and low-cost capital to speed up sales and profits growth.

Wilson Rosa

Head of Retail and Consumer Investing for Advent in Latin America